Automatic Emergency Braking Problems of the 2021 Honda Pilot (2023)

19 problems related to automatic emergency braking have been reported for the 2021 Honda Pilot.The most recently reported issues are listed below.Please also check out thestatistics and reliability analysis of the 2021 Honda Pilot based on all problems reported for the 2021 Pilot.

1 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 05/20/2023

I purchased the vehicle brand new in 2021. At this time I don't feel safe driving the vehicle due to the following issues I'm having: the automatic braking system will engage without notice. On 5/20/23 I was at driving at 60 mph at 2:00am and the car slammed on the brakes for no reason, there was no other vehicles on the road in front of me or besides me at the time of the incident. On 5/21/22 I was driving around 45mph and I went next to a vehicle that was parked on the should of the road, when I approached the vehicle the brakes engaged almost causing a collision with the vehicle that was driving behind me witch it happen to be a semi truck. 12/22/22 while driving on hwy 18th the vehicle brakes engaged for reason or warning while driving on straight line. This happens 99% of the time when I drive the vehicle. The warning yellow braking light would illuminate and the steering wheel will shake or vibrate for no apparent reason when cars are coming the opposite way. This is extremely scary situation to have in a brand new vehicle. I have taken the vehicle to the dealership in hope of repair but nothing has been done. I started having this concerns a month or so after the vehicle was purchased, and the only solution I was given by the dealership was to disengage the auto braking program, but I don't think that's the solution. This coming Thursday 5/24/23 the vehicle will be inspected. ( this will be the second or third time the vehicle will be in the shop due to the same issue. Thank you for taking the time in reviewing my concern.

2 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 05/10/2023

The auto idle stop is defective on this vehicle and has resulted in multiple incidents where the vehicle stalls after the break is applied in sitting traffic. I have had near collision experiences that pose a severe safety risk. The car jolts forward after releasing the break at an intersection, and immediately becomes immobile. This has happened in sitting traffic, at intersection and more dangerously, while trying to make a left turn which has left me stranded in the middle of busy intersections at risk of nearly being hit by moving traffic. Honda has done the software update on the vehicle and yet, this continues to happen. Honda needs to be held liable as this will result in injury and/or death to consumers.

3 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 04/04/2023

When driving the collision mitigation and brakes apply causing steering wheel shake and braking without passing of vehicles. This happens multiple times during driving. This has been ongoing since June 2022 and has been reviewed by Honda without correction.

(Video) JC How to enable and disable the Collision Mitigation Breaking System in a 2020 Honda Pilot

4 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 03/21/2023

I’ve purchased my Honda Pilot 2021 brand new within the last two months. My car is cmbs has initiated, breaking for oncoming objects that were nonexistent or when on coming traffic was passing me in the other lane, causing my vehicle to break abruptly nearly causing an accident followed by all Honda, sensing features such as forward, collision collision lane assist us cruise control assist to driving along with automatic head beams. High beams. Are no longer functional.

The cmbs regularly activates with the brake warning lights, audible, and steering wheel shaking. There has never been anything in front of the vehicle when the cmbs activates. Most recently, the cmbs activated and applied the brakes when driving approximately 40 mph for no reason. Obviously, the safety of the driver and all passengers are at a risk of an accident caused by the cmbs' faulty activation, as well as any other people and/or property involved. We have been complaining to the dealership regularly since we purchased the vehicle over 2 years ago, to no avail. The dealership states they have not been able to confirm or reproduce the cmbs' faulty activation. No one other than the dealership has inspected the vehicle for this problem. The cmbs is on by default, so the only option until repaired is to remember to deactivate the cmbs every time the vehicle is use, by every driver. The vehicle is available for inspection upon request.

6 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 01/03/2023

The brake light come out for no reason.

7 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 08/31/2022

With the auto idle feature engaged (disengaging requires manually turning off the system with each vehicle start) while at a stop light the auto idle feature shut the engine off. Typically, when you release the brake the car start back up and you can begin to accelerate. Over the past few months the issue has stalled the engine, but restarted and give the warning "collision mitigation braking system malfunction. " on the past 2 occurrences the engine has shut off completely and I have had to restart the car. This occurs when at an intersection or similar after going into a complete stop, so vehicles around you are ready to move. Once it took me opening the car door and closing it to get the electronics to allow the car to restart.

8 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 08/24/2022

(Video) Honda Pilot with Honda Sensing® – Collision Mitigation Braking System™

The car braked automatically without any obstruction or car in front. I lost control of the brakes causing a severe jerk and car to slip on freeway. I had a 2 month and 5 yr old in the car. We nearly escaped a serious accident as the truck was behind us in full speed. The whole warning/stopping event occurred in a few seconds. There were no obstacles in the road," the driver wrote. "there was a truck following me about 2 car lengths behind who had to stop very quickly in order not to rear-end me. " I am scared and dont want to drive the car anymore.

9 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 05/21/2022

The controls froze while driving and I was unable to safely maneuver the vehicle and it crashed in nearby bushes. I don’t see any recall for the VIN, also we asked the motor repair team run scan though nothing was found. But would like to report this as we still feel it is some mechanical failure.

10 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 04/23/2022

The cars automatic emergency breaking system malfunctions and randomly activates and applies the brakes while driving. This specific incident has occurred three times when entering the highway on ramp the "brake" message is displayed in the car and the brakes have been applied as I've attempted to get up to speed entering the highway. There were no cars in front of the vehicle at the time the emergency breaking system applied the breaks. In addition, the braking system has applied when changing lanes on the highway with no vehicles or objects in front of the car and several times on curvy roads. I've taken it back to the Honda dealer and they have stated that no codes were stored and were not able to recreate the problem. However, the service advisor also informed me that they could not reset or make any changes as "there is pending litigation and investigations with the ntsb" I was charged $109 for a 'diagnosic fee' for a car that is still under the manufacturers waranty and told to watch for a recall at some point because their is nothing they are able to do to fix the problem because of the pending litigation/investigation. The incident happened two more times on my drive home from the dealership. There is no warning lamps that have come on or other symptoms that can be isolated, other than the "brake" message appearing and the automatic breaking being applied. This is incredibly dangerous when the car drastically is slowed down for no reason on roads that have 45 + mph speed limits.

11 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 02/22/2022

My car has had the automatic emergency braking system kick in randomly at least 6 times since I bought it. No cars in front of me, nothing on the shoulder next to me. Twice when a car was in opposite direction lane but nowhere near the center line.

12 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 02/22/2022

Automatic braking system is engaging when there is nothing in front of or near the vehicle. When driving on the highway it will engage, flash brake on the front dash, and engage the brakes and slow way down while doing 60+ mph.

(Video) 2019 - 2022 Honda Pilot problems

13 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 01/20/2022

There have been multiple instances where the automatic braking system has engaged preventing me as the operator from making adjustments. I have almost been in 2 collisions due to this feature. The automatic braking system prevents me from making a correction and will automatically lock up the brakes and steering. Both times I have almost been rear ended due to this feature. There has been an instance where the braking feature engaged where there was no car in from of me but a car coming from the other lane and my Honda Pilot engaged the automatic braking system. Luckily there was no car behind me. This feature while could be useful is not in my opinion a safety feature but a safety hazard due to these multiple instances. This feature should be permanently disabled upon start up. Multiple times when I start the car I don't realize it is engaged until something happens.

14 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 01/06/2022

Automatic brakes happened a couple time on highway for no reason. Happened most in carpool lane and curve freeways.

15 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 11/20/2021

There have been several times the automatic braking assist has completely stopped the car. This has caused vehicles behind me to break hard almost causing accidents. I now disengage the automatic breaking assist when I use the car. I saw there were incidents with other Honda vehicles that didn't include the 2021 Honda Pilot which I believe should be included. I have witnesses of the car breaking to a complete stop several times. Please investigate before more accidents happen with injuries. Thank you for your hard work involved.

(Video) Automatic Emergency Braking FAIL | Chevrolet, Ford, Honda & Toyota Tested

16 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 09/18/2021

On 2 different occasions within the last 2 days, the automatic emergency brake engaged for no reason. The first instance, I was driving down the road with a car in front of me about 3 car lengths ahead and a car in a left hand turning lane. For no reason the brake light engaged and the brakes hit hard but not fully. Thankfully the car behind me was far enough to not hit us as I had my child in the car. On the second instance, again with my family in the car, driving down a different road with no cars anywhere around us, going around a bend, the emergency brake engaged again and the brake hit hard but not fully.

17 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 07/29/2021

I have a major safety complaint with Honda’s computer system. I understand that Honda works hard to make their vehicles as safe as possible. With that said, on 7/29/21 around 9:40am I was driving on a country style road. Out of no where with nothing around me but trees the auto break safety feature came one. When this occurred I was jerked forward and got whiplashed. The car went from 40mph to 0mph immediately with no reason. As someone who has had concussions in the past this immediately gave me a headache. Thank goodness no one was behind me that would have rear-ended me. This issue with the auto break system occurs a couple times a week. Sometimes the breaks don’t enact but the break warning light comes on and shakes the stirring wheel in which is extremely distracting. With this being said we have brought it up to a Honda service member and the response back we got was: “OH, yeah that happens sometimes. There’s nothing we can do about it”. The car is my leased by my spouse.

18 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 05/01/2021

The front end collision camera will register on coming traffic and warn me to brake. On one occasion the vehicle actually braked for me. Luckily I was only driving 25 mph and there were no vehicles behind me. We took the vehicle to the dealer to have them look into the issue but they informed me that Honda did not currently have a fix for the issue and that I would have to turn the camera off every time I started the vehicle to prevent it from potentially braking for me and bringing me to a complete stop while driving. Our main concern is that the camera picks up an on coming vehicle and stops us while driving on the highway causing us to veer off the road or get rear ended potentially injuring us or other drivers. We have tried several times over the course of several months to contact Honda directly about the issue but they will not return our calls.

19 Automatic Emergency Braking problem

Failure Date: 02/12/2021

(Video) How to Use Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) - Display Audio Models

When driving the collision mitigation and brakes apply , flash dash and shake wheel violently. Almost loss of vehicle control. Almost not drivable on 2 lane roads this happens multiple times during any driving. This has been ongoing since purchase and has been reviewed by Honda dealer without correction. Only recourse was replace controls at owner cost even while under new car warranty.


What is a CMBS problem on Honda Pilot? ›

Important Note: CMBS on the Pilot will not be able to apply enough braking force to prevent all collisions. CMBS also cannot detect all objects ahead; the driver must intervene in certain situations, and must always be attentive when using the system.

How to reset Honda collision mitigation braking system problem? ›

Press and hold the CMBS™ OFF button. A beep sounds and a message appears in the Driver Information Interface. The CMBS™ indicator appears when the system is off. CMBS™ automatically resets back to ON each time you start the engine.

What are the problems with the Honda Pilot 2021? ›

Common problems found on the 2021 Honda Pilot include an overly sensitive automatic braking system, cracked windshields, along with a frozen stereo system. Overall, these problems are relatively minor compared to other midsize SUVs on the market, leading to lower repair bills as it ages.

How do you know if there is a problem with the automatic braking system? ›

What Are Some Signs of a Defective AEB System? A defective AEB could cause your car to exhibit any one of the following signs: Stalling – The car would slow down unexpectedly without the driver pressing the brakes and no obstacles in front of the car.

What does CMBS problem mean? ›

Honda's CMBS may have turned your vehicle into a lemon if your vehicle shows the following problems: Sudden and Unexpected Braking. False Obstruction Alerts. Lane Keeping False Alerts. Unexpected Highway Speed Fluctuation.

What is the problem with Honda collision mitigation braking system? ›

What is this? Rather, consumers have reported that the Honda Collision Mitigation Braking System makes the vehicle slam the brakes even without an obstacle in the way. The risk of rear-ending these vehicles is allegedly increased in multiple class-action lawsuits.

How much does it cost to fix Honda Sensing? ›

The average cost for a Honda Accord Vehicle Speed Sensor Replacement is between $227 and $250.

What does it mean when my Honda says brake system problem? ›

Civic won't start and the says there's an electric brake system problem, your electric parking brake is stuck. There are a few reasons why this might be occurring: Dead battery—your battery may not have enough charge to activate (or deactivate) your electric braking system.

Where is the Honda CMBS sensor? ›

The Honda Collision Mitigation Braking System employs a front-facing camera located behind the rearview mirror and a radar sensor in the grille to help monitor the road ahead for vehicles and pedestrians.

Are there any recalls on 2021 Honda Pilot? ›

American Honda Motor Co. (Honda) is recalling certain 2021 Pilot vehicles equipped with Continental CrossContact LX Sport 245/50R20 102 H tires with DOT serial number A376 D3K9 2920 and mold numbers S-421920 and S-421921. The tires may have been cured for a time beyond the specification limits.

What is the common issue with Honda Pilot? ›

The three most common Honda Pilot problems reported and collected by RepairPal are: Warped front brake rotors may cause a vibration when braking – reported by 529 owners. Overheated wire harness may cause low-beams to fail – reported by 187 owners. Map light does not turn on when the opening door – reported by 125 ...

How reliable is automatic emergency braking? ›

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization, the technology is already slashing crash rates by as much as half for vehicles equipped with it. TIP: No advanced safety system is 100% foolproof. This includes automatic emergency braking.

What are common disadvantages with automatic emergency braking? ›

The drawbacks of automatic emergency braking include: 1) Drivers being lulled into a false sense of security if they become over-reliant on such systems. 2) False alarms leading to the system suddenly jamming on the brakes and shocking the driver.

What is the warning light on the automatic braking system? ›

The ABS warning light comes on to tell you of a problem specifically with the ABS. If the light is on, you will still have brakes, but not anti-lock brakes.

How do you check the CMBS system on a Honda? ›

Press the safety support switch and roll the left selector wheel to the CMBS symbol and select it. A a message appears in the driver information interface. The CMBS indicator appears when the system is off.

How do you check the CMBS system? ›

Press and hold CMBS OFF. A beep sounds and a message appears in the MID. The CMBS indicator appears when the system is off. CMBS is designed to reduce the severity of an unavoidable collision.

Can CMBS be turned off? ›

To turn off CMBS, simply press and hold down the CMBS button (located to the left of the steering column) until you hear an audible beep and a message appears in the Multi-Information Display. The CMBS will remain deactivated until the engine is shut down.

How do you reset a Honda Sensing? ›

Just press and hold the interval button, which is marked by a car with four bars behind it until you see Cruise Mode Selected appear on the instrument panel. Then, press and hold the interval button one more time to reset the system.

Can I drive with braking system fault? ›

The warning lamp lights up red. A text message may also be displayed. Do not drive on!

Why is my collision mitigation braking system light on? ›

The light comes on if the system has been turned off, if the radar sensor is dirty or blocked, or if there is a fault in the system. In the second case, a simple car wash may restore the system's function. In the last case, take the vehicle to your dealer or authorized service center for diagnosis and repair.

How to fix Honda Pilot sensing problems? ›

The sensor is located on the rear bumper. To reset it:
  1. Check if it is covered in dirt, mud, or debris.
  2. Make sure it's clean if it's dirty.
  3. Wait a few seconds after turning off your engine.
  4. Restart it. You will be prompted to reboot and reset your blind spot system.
  5. Take it to your mechanic if this does not work.
May 19, 2023

Can you still drive with a bad sensor? ›

Can I Drive My Car With A Bad Oxygen Sensor? We recommend against driving with a bad O2 sensor as the powertrain is not running on the correct fuel mixture. While it may perform fine in the beginning, if your engine is running rich and using too much fuel it might begin to clog the catalytic converter.

Can you turn off the Honda Sensing? ›

Yes, you can turn Honda Sensing® features off if you want. To turn off RDM, press the button under ECON. LKAS can be disabled by pushing the MAIN button on the steering wheel. Once the indicators in the instrument cluster are gone, the feature has been turned off.

What causes a brake system problem? ›

The most common cause of brake failure is loss of brake fluid. The fluid transfers the force you exert by pushing down on the brake pedal to the brake disks that slow and stop your car's wheels. You can usually detect a leak before getting on the road because you'll see it underneath your vehicle.

What does it mean when Honda Pilot says brake is on? ›

This type of light is designed to let you know that there's a problem that needs your immediate attention. Brake System: This BRAKE light illuminates to let you know that the vehicle's brake fluid is low. To be safe, pull the vehicle over as soon as it's safe to do so and check the brake fluid level.

At what speed does Honda CMBS work? ›

Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™)*

The system activates when: Your vehicle speed is about 62 mph (100 km/h) or less and the system determines there is a chance of a collision with: − Vehicles detected in front of you that are stationary, oncoming, or traveling in your same direction.

Where are Honda Pilot sensors located? ›

Honda Sensing® is a driver support system which employs the use of two distinctly different kinds of sensors: a radar sensor located in the lower bumper and a front sensor camera mounted to the interior side of the windshield, behind the rearview mirror.

Where is the collision warning sensor? ›

Collision sensors are usually mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle. Once an object is detected, the sensor triggers an audio or visual alarm, or may activate the vehicle's brakes.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Honda for the Pilot? ›

On September 28, 2022, a putative class action was filed against American Honda alleging that it had sold thousands of vehicles—including the 2018-2020 Honda Odyssey, 2016-2020 Honda Pilot, 2019-2020 Honda Passport, 2015-2020 Acura TLX, and 2015-2020 Acura MDX—equipped with a flawed Idle Stop feature.

What Honda SUV is being recalled 2021? ›

Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) is recalling certain 2021 Accord Sedan, Accord Hybrid, CR-V, Ridgeline, 2022 Insight and CR-V Hybrid vehicles. The automatic locking retractor on the second-row center seat belt assembly may deactivate improperly, which can result in an unsecured child restraint system.

What is the major Honda recall? ›

Vehicles included in the recall are 2020-2022 Odyssey, 2020-2022 Passport, 2020-2021 Pilot and 2020-2021 Ridgeline. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that the vehicles don't comply with the necessary rear visibility requirements.

How many miles do Honda Pilots usually last? ›

You can expect most Honda Pilots to make it to at least 150,000 miles before they have any serious repair needs, and some Pilots are effective for as many as 250,000 miles before they need repairs. It's relatively rare for a Honda Pilot to make it to 300,00 miles in good condition, however.

What year is the most reliable Honda Pilot? ›

According to CarComplaints data, four models stand out as the best years: 2007, 2008, 2014, and 2015. The 2007 Honda Pilot was part of the first generation, and it's one of the best. Only 66 total complaints were noted.

Is it worth it to buy a Honda Pilot? ›

Is the 2023 Honda Pilot a Good SUV? Yes, the redesigned Honda Pilot is a great option if you're shopping for a midsize SUV. The Pilot boasts an upscale cabin with seating for up to eight people, a vast amount of cargo space and a host of standard tech and safety features.

What does the ECON button do on a 2021 Honda Pilot? ›

Thanks to the Econ button, your Honda will work much more efficiently by changing the way certain features of the vehicle work. By activating the Econ button, the cruise control, Air conditioning, and throttle response are changed, bringing your Honda into an optimum operation to achieve savings in fuel consumption.

What does the snow button do on a 2021 Honda Pilot? ›

SNOW. To help minimize wheel slippage, especially when accelerating from a stop, Snow mode sets the automatic transmission to start in second gear and adjusts the throttle for less pedal sensitivity.

What is the difference between brake assist and automatic emergency braking? ›

Where do AEB and BAS differ? AEB doesn't require the driver's foot pedal action to initiate the braking. It applies the brakes automatically. It's important to note this difference because BAS does require the driver to step on the brakes to benefit.

What speed the automatic emergency braking system works best at? ›

Some AEB systems operate only at city speeds, which are typically at 55 mph and below. Other AEB systems can work at highway speeds, which are typically above 55 mph.

At what speed is pre collision assist active? ›

Pre-Collision Assist is active at approximately 3 mph. Pedestrian Detection is active up to 50 mph. Pedestrian Detection can detect pedestrians, but not in all conditions and does not replace safe driving. See owner's manual for system limitations.

Can you override automatic braking? ›

You can override automatic braking at any time by pressing the accelerator or by braking; if you don't press the brake pedal soon after the stop, the Electric Parking Brake may be set, which you can release with the ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE button while pressing the brake pedal.

Is it bad to use emergency brake all the time? ›

Every single day

Applying the parking brake every day can take pressure off the transmission and other drive components, including the parking prawl, which locks up your transmission when you park but, of course, could always malfunction.

Is automatic emergency braking is not great at preventing crashes at normal speeds? ›

Automatic emergency braking (AEB) is pretty good at preventing low-speed rear-end crashes but kind of sucks when vehicles are traveling at more average speeds, according to new research from the American Automobile Association (AAA).

What is the brake system warning on a Honda? ›

The brake warning light is very serious. When you see it come on, check to make sure your emergency brake is off, then stop driving as soon as you get the chance. If you are running low on brake fluid, your brakes may stop working altogether.

What is automatic brake failure indicator? ›

Brake failure indicator circuit that constantly monitors the condition of the brake and gives an audio-visual indication. When the brake is applied, the green LED blinks and the piezobuzzer beeps for around one second if the brake system is intact. If the brake fails, the red LED glows and the buzzer stops beeping[6].

What does check CMBS system mean? ›

The system can alert you when a potential collision is determined, and reduce your vehicle speed to help minimize collision severity when a collision is deemed unavoidable.

Where is the CMBS sensor located? ›

The CMBS utilizes a radar sensor in the grille and a front-facing camera located behind the rearview mirror to help detect other vehicles and pedestrians on the road ahead. Depending on the situation, the CMBS uses visual alerts, audio alerts (beeps), and may automatically apply the brake to help you avoid a collision.

How do I permanently turn off CMBS Honda? ›

If you want to turn off CMBS just press and hold down the CMBS button located to the left of the steering column until you hear a beep and a confirmation message displays in the vehicle's Driver Information Interface. CMBS will now be shut down until you turn off the ignition.

Why does my Honda brake on its own? ›

The vehicles are equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking systems that are supposed to automatically apply the brakes if the driver fails to do it themselves in certain situations, such as a vehicle stopping in front of them or a pedestrian in the vehicle's path.

Can you turn off automatic braking? ›

The answer: yes, nearly all vehicles do allow you to deactivate AEB after the car has been started. Some will also allow you to alter settings within the system, so you can adjust the sensitivity of when the brakes are automatically applied.

Does Honda Pilot have automatic emergency braking? ›

Standard safety equipment includes forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, a road departure mitigation system, lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control with speed-adaptive following distance, traffic sign recognition, a driver inattention monitor and automatic high ...

Can you turn off Honda Sensing? ›

Yes, you can turn Honda Sensing® features off if you want. To turn off RDM, press the button under ECON. LKAS can be disabled by pushing the MAIN button on the steering wheel. Once the indicators in the instrument cluster are gone, the feature has been turned off.

Where are the Honda Sensing sensors located? ›

Honda Sensing® is a driver support system which employs the use of two distinctly different kinds of sensors: a radar sensor located in the lower bumper and a front sensor camera mounted to the interior side of the windshield, behind the rearview mirror.

What happens if you drive with a bad sensor? ›

Yes. While the damage may seem small initially, the longer you drive with a bad oxygen sensor, the worse the damage will become. Eventually, you may experience rough idling, poor acceleration, engine misfires, an illuminated check engine light, and failed emission tests.


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